Your.Rentals supports two different booking types: instant and onRequest.

  • instant booking is immediately confirmed when it is created
  • onRequest booking will have to be waited for property manager/owner’s confirmation within 24. It can be confirmed or declined.

If Your.Rentals is the merchant of record (meaning is responsible for collecting the payment from the guest), an instant booking is confirmed only when we receive the first instalment of the booking.
For request booking, we block the dates and send the request to property manager only when we have been able to block payment of the first instalment on the guest’s card. If the guest does not pay or we are not able to block the card within a certain time frame, the booking is expired and the dates will be free to be booked again.

If sales partner is merchant of record, it is up to sales partner to process guest’s payment. However, sales partner has to guarantee payment when booking is sent to Your.Rentals. It is expected that Your.Rentals will always receive payout of the booking

Information of what booking type the listing has is given in API Listing.  Example:

 "bookingType": "instant"