In order to be able successfully with the Your.Rentals system, the following requirements should be fulfilled:

  • Be able to initiate HTTPS connections to Your.Rentals server
  • Be able to adapt to change in booking type
    Sometimes, our property managers switch from instant to on request book and vice versa. It is important to adapt to it immediately.
  • Adhere to changes of listing channel preference
    The property manager can easily select and unselect a channel. The channel shall only publish the listings selected for that channel.
  • Adherence to booking rules/advance notice
    The property managers have the possibility to change the booking rules at any time. The sales partner needs to make sure to display the correct booking rules. The same applies to the number of days a booking needs to be made before check-in (advance notice)
  • Discounts
    The sales partner must be able to display discount sent via API
  • Additional guests
    The sales partner should be able to calculate booking amount correctly if additional guests is set up.
  • Be able to update rates and availability frequently
  • Be able to send booking to Your.Rentals via API, or redirect guest to Your.Rentals guest booking page
  • Be able to send propertyID in sales channel’s system to Your.Rentals
    In order to be able to give information on whether the listing is successfully sent to our sales partner, we would like to receive back the channel listing ID once the listing has been published on the channel.