When sales channel is merchant of record, booking will always be in status confirmed or pendingConfirm (as sales channel guarantee payment towards Your.Rentals).

confirmationUrl is booking confirmation page for sales channel, while paymentUrl is the page where sales channel can pay YR for the booking. Amount & due date sales channel has to pay are given in installments. If sale channel wants to pay by bank transfer, bank information is given in paymentInstructions.


"bookingId": "TXSZQU",
"status": "confirmed",
"paymentStatus": "pending",
"confirmationUrl": "https://goto.your.rentals/sc/Airbnb/ref/TXSZQU/vmqQyXoPzlKEleanP3DN",
"paymentUrl": "https://goto.your.rentals/en/pay/Airbnb/ref/TXSZQU/vmqQyXoPzlKEleanP3DN",
"instalments": [
"amount": 391,
"dueDate": "2020-08-06",
"share": 1,
"status": "init",
"id": 1,
"currency": "EUR",
"paymentReference": "VACEUTXSZQU"
"paymentInstructions": {
"bankCode": "20-36-47",
"bankAccountCountry": "GB",
"accountName": "WorldPay AP Limited",
"iban": "GB41 BARC 2036 4748 5307 22",
"branchAddress": "London",
"checkDigits": 0,
"bankName": "Barclays Bank PLC",
"accountNumber": "48530722",
"bankAccountCurrency": "EUR",
"swift": "BARCGB22"