There is a question which always needs to be answered before starting the integration: Who will handle guest payment of a booking?

If sales channel handles guest payment of a booking, we call it “Sales channel is merchant of record”.

If Your.Rentals handles guest payment of a booking, we call it “Your.Rentals is merchant of record”.

In the latter case, there are several ways to send payment info to Your.Rentals.

  • Payment page
    The sales partner can direct the guest to our pages, either already to the listing page (open a listing page) and the booking page (open a booking page) or to our payment page (open a payment page). In the case it is listing page or booking page, guest will actually make the booking in Your.Rentals domain.
  • Payment widget
    The sales partner can embed Your.Rentals payment widget as an iframe in their payment page. The guest won’t have to leave the domain but will provide the payment details directly to Your.Rentals.
  • Payment via API
    The sales partner collects the payment details (credit card information) on the their payment page and sends the details further via API to Your.Rentals.

Your.Rentals is PCI compliant, we ensure that payment information is always secure.