• Contract
    Every good collaboration needs to make sure the rules of the playground are set first. So should ours. Get in touch with us to discuss our collaboration
  • Pre-integration survey
    We want to make sure we have you set up in our system correctly.
  • Kick-off meeting
    It is always nice to have personal contact first. During this meeting, you have the opportunity to ask questions regarding our API.
  • API credentials and development
    We will provide API credentials which give you access to our API and environments. Now it is time to get the work done!
    Please contact us if there is any question or issue during development phase.
  • Testing
    Once your development and internal test is done, we would like to set up a test to make sure properties are imported correctly and bookings are received well.
  • Going live
    If there is no issue during testing, you are ready to go live. Import our properties and be ready for bookings!
    We will enable/announce you as a sales channel in our system.